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Tips for writing – which tips to follow?

Jeff Goins blog (www.goinswriter.com) offers many things – and one of these things is advice on writing. His 1st one is to decide what your book is about. I’m not sure I’ve gotten that far yet. Kim Rylee ( https://kimryleewriter.wixsite.com/author-blog) advice to me was to make notes all of the time on any idea that I have. That is what I am currently doing. All sorts of ideas are flying around for various characters and stories. I am trying to focus on 2 stories. But if other ideas come to mind – I will write them down as well.

Writers tips – inspire yourself

I sat down yesterday with my journal – ready to write. I decided to give myself a bit of advice and write to a younger version of myself. A very interesting and healing thing to do. I should start taking some of that advice.

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