Interviewing Authors

I am currently compiling a list of questions to interview the wonderful German author of the Fated Shadow series, Kim Rylee who has kindly agreed to be interviewed and will take time out of her busy schedule to answer them. It’s very interesting to compile the questions because it triggers me to think of the answers from my own point of view.
Who knows, it might lead to me to an opportunity to interview more authors.
I would have loved to interview Edgar Alan Poe. I used to read his books in my early teens. Mary Shelly is another that I would like to go back in time to interview – especially being an author in a time when women were not expected to succeed.
Very though provoking stuff. Happy Sunday everyone.

Writers block

I got caught up with everyday stresses and worries and left my writing to the side but the longer i left it, the harder it got to return to it.

I thought i should continue with the short stories i was writing and couldn’t get on board the idea. But what actually worked for me is to write down a couple of things that i enjoy doing and something that i would love to do. The flow has started once again. More of a trickle at the moment but all tiny streams kead to the vast ocean so fingers crossed. I hope this will help anyone who has had a bit of difficulty in the matter.

Writing tips – creative exercise

The last couple of exercises that I did for myself, were the description of the approach to a house in both sinister and a nice approach and then the entering of the house. I found once again, some pictures of the inside of a house that really appealed to me. The sinister description wasn’t so easy as the pictures of the house were very warming to look at.
Another exercise that I am going to try is to pick a line from a book – any book. I’m going to let it fall open to a random page and the first full line on the page on the right is the line that i will start a paragraph on it.
The book I have chosen from a shelf here in the house is called Sleeping Beauties by Jo Spain. It fell open at a page where the 1st line on the right hand page is “You crazy kids”, Tom said. So I guess that’s the start of my next exercise.
I’m really enjoying these little exercises and am open to ideas if anyone has any.

Writing tips – writing exercise

Jeff Goins and many others seem to suggest writing regularly – preferably every day.
A busy schedule means that daily writing isn’t always possible.
In order to keep to regular writing – I have devised a little exercise for myself.
I wanted to start a story with an approach to a house. In order to do this I found images of certain houses that really appealed. I wrote 2 different types of description – one warm, and one slightly sinister. My next exercise will be to describe entering the house in both different manners.

Writing tips – set a daily word count

This is a tip I have seen regularly online. Again, at the moment, I am working these from Jeff Goins top tips.
For me, this would be a word count for every 2nd day. I work a 40 hour week as well as other things so if you can’t set a daily word count – my suggestion is set a count for the days when you know you will be able to write. At the moment – my count target is very small – 50. Why 50? My time is limited and I am just starting out. I want to enjoy writing, not make it a chore. I can increase the count when I get into the swing of it.

James Joyce tribute

As today is the 81st anniversary of the passing of the great James Joyce, and seeing that I live in Dublin, I thought I would type a quote from his book “Dubliners”.

I purchased my copy of “Dubliners” whilst on holiday in the library shop in Irvine, Orange County, California of all places.

“Her name sprang to my lips at moments in strange prayers and praises which I myself did not understand. My eyes were often full of tears (I could not tell why) and at times a flood from my heart seemed to pour itself out into my bosom. I thought little of the future. I did not know whether I would ever speak to her or not or, if I spoke to her, how I could tell her of my confused adoration.”

Inspiring author James Joyce was born here in Dublin, Ireland on 2nd February 1882 and passed away in Zurich, Switzerland on this day, 81 years ago 13th January 1941.

Writing tips – write in the same place every time

This is step 4 of Jeff Goins 10 writing tips. His suggestion is that it should be a place separate from other activities. I guess this makes sense so that you can get focused.

I like the idea of having a really nice notebook – or if its a plain notebook or copybook – putting a really nice cover on it – it marks it as being that special place to write.

He recommends that it should remind you to commit to finish the book. That the goal is not to think and just start writing. – That, I need to do. I am over thinking and coming up with all sorts of characters that I wouldn’t put into the same story. Perhaps a small writing challenge is needed……..

Writing tips – set a time to work on your writing every day

This is actually step 3 of Jeff Goins 10 tips – but for me, I’m going to make it step 2. At present – choosing a time, is more beneficial for me than choosing numbers of words per day. My daily routines differ – so each day has a different time – but the time is set nonetheless.
If however, I come up with a little idea and I’m in work and away from my notebook, I write it in a text message and send it to myself so that I can put it into my notebook later.